Moneual® Rydis® MR6550 Hybrid Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Composed of eco-friendly materials while providing a variety of functions, excellent functionality, and sophisticated design, the Moneual RYDIS MR6550 is ideal for families with young children, dual-income families, pet owners, and seniors.

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Bio Clean System
ULTRA MOTORULTRA MOTORPowerful BLDC motor provides superior suction power
AUTO CLEANAUTO CLEANVariety of cleaning modes that cater to every type of home and lifestyle
POWER SLIMSLIM DESIGNSlim 3.23″ height allow easy access underneath
HEALTH CAREHEALTH CAREMulti-layered filter to trap dust and allergens
Detachable mop for simultaneous floor cleaning
SMART ECOSMART ECOSturdy and long lasting body composed of eco-friendly materials

The RYDIS MR6550 is ideal for every type of family and lifestyle

  • Dual-income families Households where both spouses work can find relief in the RYDIS MR6550 that cleans the house during work hours.
  • Families with young childrenNo matter how busy you are, you can always take care of your baby’s health with just the push of a button.
  • Homes with petsLove your pet but don’t love their shedding? Use the RYDIS MR6550 to eliminate pet dander and fur from your home.
  • SinglesLive alone but finding it too inconvenient to manually clean every day? Just use the remote to automatically clean your entire space at your convenience.
  • SeniorsGift an RYDIS MR6550 to your elderly parents or grandparents to ensure that their homes will be clean and dust free without any labor on their part.



Personalized and Custom Clean

Experience a custom robot vacuum built to suit your personal needs.
Choose from a wide selection of modes to fit your space and lifestyle.

Cleaning Modes Video

Cleaning Functions Video

Custom Cleaning Options

The variety of cleaning modes ensures that any type of home space can be thoroughly cleaned.

  • Automatic CleanAutomatic CleanThe RYDIS MR6550 automatically detects the most efficient cleaning path for the space, including automatic charging during the clean.
  • Concentrated CleanConcentrated CleanFor areas needing a more concentrated clean, the RYDIS MR6550 moves in circular motions around the specified area to pick up all dust particles.
  • Corner CleanCorner CleanThe RYDIS MR6550 follows a course along the walls of the space to vacuum hard-to-reach dust collected at the corners of the space.
  • Manual CleanManual CleanUse the remote control to easily control and direct the RYDIS MR6550 to clean in any area within the home as needed.
  • Reserved CleanReserved CleanProgram your RYDIS MR6550 to automatically clean at the allotted time.

Slim 3.23″ Height

At a height of just 3.23″, the RYDIS MR6550 is designed to easily access and

clean underneath large fumiture such as beds and couches

that standard upright vacuum cleaners cannot reach.

Shadow Cleaning Mode

The RYDIS MR6550′s unique Shadow Cleaning Mode detects and performs

concentrated cleaning in areas that do not receive direct light

such as underneath large furniture like couches and beds.



Superior Functionality

The RYDIS MR6550′s powerful suction motor paired with a multi-layered filter provides

a more thorough clean, expertly trapping all exhaust dust and allergens.

High Performance BLDC Motor

Unrivaled clean with powerful suction power

The powerful BLDC suction motor provides efficiency with
every clean. The BLDC motor boasts the highest performance
of its kind, with an operation lifetime that is 10 times longer
(5,000 more hours of use) than the standard DC motor.

High-Efficiency Filter

Removes not only visible particles but exhaust dust and allergens

The High-Efficiency filter built into the RYDIS MR6550
ensures that 99.5% of microscopic particles including not only household dust,
but also hazardous substances such as mold, and ticks as small as
0.3 micrometre are removed as well.

Convenient Microfiber Mop

Vacuum and mop clean your floors simultaneously

The detachable microfiber pad can be attached for cleaning of
non-carpeted floors such as hardwood, tile, or linoleum, then
easily removed for cleaning of carpeted floors.

Effective Twin Side Brushes

Collect dust even from corners and underneath furniture

The twin side brushes attached on either side of the RYDIS MR6550 enables
the gathering and suction of dust from corners and near walls.

Built-in Intelligence

Collision prevention sensors eliminate damage to walls or furniture

while state-of-the-art sensors provide a smarter clean

Smart Sensor Video Clip

Smart Sensor System

Built-in safety and collision prevention sensors prevent the RYDIS MR6550 from colliding with and scuffing furniture or walls. Sensors include the fall prevention sensor, off-ground sensor, dust bin sensor, brush overload sensor, wheel overload sensor, and battery sensor, among others, to provide the best in safety, cleaning efficiency, and long-lasting operation.

. .

Long Lasting and Safe Operation

The RYDIS MR6550 is a long lasting robot vaccum that provides automatic clean

for your home without fear of collisions or damage incurred to itself or its surroundings.

Powerful BLDC Motor

The RYDIS MR6550′s powerful BLDC (Brush Less DC) motor contains no carbon in its construction and has a lifespan of 10 times the standard DC motor, the equivalent of 5,000 more hours of use.


What if you used the robot an hour a day every day?

Standard DC MotorAbout 1 year and 5 months of use (Motor life: About 500 hours)

BLDC MotorAbout 13 years and 9 months of use (Motor life: About 5,000 hours)

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

The RYDIS MR6550′s Lithium Iron Phosphate battery has the lifetime of approximately three times longer (1,000 times of charging/discharging) than that of standard lithium-family or nickel-family batteries and provides higher levels of operational safety due to its tolerance to high temperatures with virtually no risk of explosion.


What if you used and charged the battery once a day every day?

Standard Lithium/Nickel BatteryAbout 1 year of use (Battery life: About 350 charges)

Lithium Iron Phosphate BatteryAbout 3 years of use (Battery life: About 1,000 charges)

Have a nice day~


Product Composition

  • Main Body
  • Charger
  • Remote Control
  • Mop Attachment and MicroFiber Mop
  • Adapter and Power Cord
  • Side Brushes
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Screwdriver and Screws for Side Brush Attachment
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Room Indicator

Product Specification

Size 13.6″ (Width) x 3.23″ (height)
Weight 6 lbs
Cleaning Method Vacuum Suction + Brushes
Suction Motor BLDC Motor
Obstacle Detection IR Sensor, Bumper Sensor
Dust Bin Volume 0.6L
Dust Filter High-Efficiency Filter (H12)
Charging Automatic/Manual
Suction Power Control Dual-level control (Normal Power/Turbo Power)
Speed 25 cm/sec
Cleaning Modes Automatic clean / Corner clean / Concentrated clean / Manual clean / Shadow clean / Reserved clean / Daily reserve clean
Battery Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery(LiFePo4)
Battery Life Charging Cycles 1,000 times
Charge Time 2800mA Battery : 120 minutes
Usage Time 2800mA Battery : On General Power 100 minutes / On Turbo Power 70 minutes

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